Video Ad Examples

Our video ad examples show how businesses are using SnapStudioPlus to make their

own video ads. It's quick, easy and completely unique to your business -- each

video ad example shows how clients use their own visuals, text and audio

voiceover to make video ads. Many also use visuals and background

music from our copyright free library. Check out our sample

video ads from a variety of business.

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Real Estate

Real estate video ad examples put our real estate clients on the map

and reach a new generation of customers with video ads. See how these

sample real estate video ads make it easy to promote your properties.

Boost your real estate video marketing efforts with SnapStudioPlus!


In these restaurant video ad examples, promote your

menu and restaurant atmosphere with pictures of special dishes,

graphics and video. See how our restaurant clients are bringing new

customers to the table with these sample video ads for restaurants.

Jewelry Stores

In these jewelry store video ads, see how our

customers use engaging video ads to promote their jewelry

business! Even though they are easy to make with SnapStudioPlus,

these jewelry store video ads set the standard for sophistication and service. See

how our jewelry store clients are increasing their business in these sample video ads.

Health Spas

Health spa video ads can attract new clients with pictures

and video clips of your health and wellness destination

See how health spas are promoting their healthy

products and services in these sample video ads.

Beauty Salons

The beauty salon video ad examples show how our beauty salon clients

make their businesses irresistible to new customers. See how our beauty salon clients

advertise their excellent service and quality products in these sample video ads.

Fitness Centers

Give your fitness center or gym a healthy boost by making a video ad! See how our

fitness center clients promote their businesses with inspiring images in these

sample video ads. Video ads can show your customers that you have

everything they need to meet their health and fitness goals.